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DIY: A 100% Natural Body Scrub

As promised in my love declaration to coconut oil, I’m happy to share with you today a super-easy-peasy home-made body scrub recipe!

You will need a glass jar and the following ingredients. Just recycle an empty jam jar or a peanut butter jar, so you don’t need to buy one. I have myself re-used an old candle jar.

1. Coffee Grounds 

Do not chuck your used coffee! Coffee makes a perfect natural exfoliator. Rich in antioxydants, it helps remove dead skin, soften your skin, and reduce cellulite. Coffee stimulates blood flow and improves fat burning. Who knew?!

2.Coconut Oil 🌴

Coconut oil is an excellent moisturiser. The sensation of the oil on the skin is amazing, it leaves my skin nourished and soothed.

3. Optional: Essential Oil* 🍊

In my body scrub, I have personally used 15 drops of Peppermint essential oil. It gives a nice cooling sensation on my legs and it is well-known to relieve sore muscles. I find it perfect to use in my shower after a run.
If you would like to make yourself a body scrub that is anti-cellulite focused, I recommend you to use Grapefruit essential oil instead. This is the best anti-cellulite essential oil – feel free to read more details about it just here.

Grapefruit essential oil removes toxins from the body and can be helpful to minimise cellulite effectively and stop further growth. In addition, due to vitamin C content, grapefruit helps you to fight obesity, which is the foremost reason for cellulite development.”

Now, about the right quantities, it will depend on the jar you are using.

Personally, I pour 3/4 melted coconut oil in the jar, and then I fill the rest up with coffee grounds. Once well mixed together, I add in 15 drops of essential oil. I stir well again, and I store the jar into the fridge for ~1-2 hours, until it gets solid again.

And voila, it’s ready! I place the jar in my bathroom, and simply use it when I need which is usually 1-2 times a week.

Here is my little creation, looking like dark chocolate spread 🍯  🍫  😋


If you need a bit of inspiration, here are beautiful home-made scrubs found on Pinterest:

Happy scrubbing! 😘  xx

*Disclaimer: essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy and placed away from children.

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